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Determination of uniaxial compressive strength, model EL-200

> Intended to assess the compressive strength of natural or artificial stone.
> The test specimens are laid and centred on the plate of the testing press, then an uniformly distributed load is applied and increased continuously until failure occurs.


Determination of the abrasion resistance, model EL-210

> Intended to assess the abrasion resistance of stone.
> The test is carried out by abrading the face of the specimen which will be exposed in use with an abrasive material under standard conditions.

Determination of the flexural strength, model EL-220

> Intended to assess the flexural strength of stone under concentrated load.
> The test specimen is placed over two rollers and then progressively loaded in the middle until failure occurs, then the breaking load is measured and the flexural strength automatically calculated.


Determination of the breaking load at dowel hole, model EL-230

> Intended to assess the breaking load around a dowel hole.
> The test consists on applying a force in a direction perpendicular to the face of a specimen through a dowel previously placed in an hole drilled in one of its sides and measuring the breaking load of the specimen.