CNC edge polishing machine with automatic tool exchanger.

Stone EDGE is our CNC Edge Polishing Machine. It’s a very innovative full CNC machine, compact and user friendly.

It has a CNC system based entirely on computer and it has an automatic tool exchanger with a tool storage up to 7 tools.

In addition to the pre-programmed profiles, the system allows the programming of new profiles by the operator.

Key Benefits

> Standard useful area: 3.200mm
> Vertical axis with automatic break
> Angle of rotative axis: 180º
> Automatic tool exchange
> Tool storage, up to 7 tools
> Vacuum system
> Programming of polishing routines per material type
> High accuracy: 0,1mm
> Tool rotation electronically controlled
> CNC system based entirely on computer
> Working base, made of 100% non-corrosive material
> Online technical support